How To Get The Right Size

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How to avoid the struggle of mailing shoes back? It's easy.


Just measure either (A) the insoles of your favorite shoes and based on that pick the right size of Drinking Shoes according to our chart below or (B) measure your feet.


Measuring the insoles is easy and in most cases very comfortable way how to decide for the right size. The thing is that sometimes you can`t take the insoles out as they are glued inside your shoe. Then we need to measure our feet.


Measuring our feet is easy as well. Just put a piece of paper thats larger than your feet agains the wall on flat surface. Wearing socks is recommended. Now, grab a pen or pencil and put your foot on the paper and your heel against the wall. Make sure the paper stays in place and is touching the wall (you can also tape paper on the floor. Mark the paper on the top of your longest toe. Using the ruler, measure the distance from the edge of paper (where your heel was) to your mark. Repeat these steps with the other foot.


Use the chart below:

Insole length in centimeters and inches is actual length of the insole in Drinking Shoes.

Foot length in the table below in centimeters and inches is suggested foot lenght we recommend for each one of our sizes

Drinking Shoes size chart - insole length and suggested foot length

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